Price List

Lessons are 1.5 or 2 hours in duration in a manual car (sorry no automatic cars.)

1.5 hrs are only available in Keynsham or within 5 miles of Keynsham.

Payments can be made via Cash, cheque, debit card in car, or via this website.

Bank transfer is also available, ask me for details.

Intro 4 Hrs £80 (£20 per hour, extra 2 hrs free if booked online)

1.5 Hrs  £54 (£36 per hour)

2.0 Hrs  £72 (£36 per hour)

Bulk Rates

6 Hrs £210 (£35 per hour)

10 Hrs £340 (£34 per hour)

20 Hrs £660 (£33 per hour)

Please see below if you want to pay online.

In addition a payment plan can be set up via  direct debit can be set up from your debit card offering the Max 3 per hour discount.

For more info on these plans please click on this link.