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Price List

Lessons are 1.5 or 2 hours in duration in either an Automatic or Manual car

1.5 hrs are only available in Keynsham or within 5 miles of Keynsham.

Payments can be made via Cash, cheque, debit card in the car, or via this website.

Bank transfer is also available, ask me for details.

Automatic and Manual Price list

Intro 4 Hrs £100 (£25 per hour if a beginner, plus an extra 2 hrs free if booked online, experienced drivers 20+ hours still get a free lesson with the first lesson £50)

1.5 Hrs  £63 (£42 per hour)

2.0 Hrs  £84 (£42 per hour)

Bulk Rates

6 Hrs £240 (£40 per hour)

10 Hrs £390 (£39 per hour)

Please see below if you want to pay online.

In addition a payment plan can be set up via  direct debit can be set up from your debit card offering the Max 3 per hour discount.

For more info on these plans please click on this link.

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