Keynsham Driving Lessons, Bath Driving Lessons

Fix or spread the cost of Driving Lessons.

Spread or fix the cost of your Keynsham Driving Lessons or Bath Driving Lessons. Newmans Driving School have now introduced a series of driving plans. Whether you would like to fix the price of your Keynsham Driving Lessons, or perhaps spread the cost for your Bath Driving Lessons we will have a deal for you.

Fixed price, pay one up front fee and never pay again for anything, ever. Can't pay up front, this can be spread over 7 or 20 months. The perfect way to budget for your Keynsham Driving Lessons, or Bath Driving Lessons.

For some time now I have not done one hour driving lessons, simply because I cannot cover everything within the time span. Can't afford more than one hour a week? Simple you can now pay for one hour a week over a longer time span, reducing the cost of your Keynsham Driving Lessons.

Other plans can be made to suit you.

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