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Latest on availabilty for driving lessons.

I have substantially reduced my waiting list, but will be limiting numbers and splitting the list into 3.

1. Available after 3.30 pm. Currently full not taking on pupils with this availability. 


2. Available with lessons starting no earlier than 8.30 and finishing no later than 3pm. Currently Full but taking pupils on to the waiting list. Approx wait 2-3 months depending on availability. 


3. Pupils not yet 17. Will take on pupils on to my wait list providing your willing to wait at least 6 months.



For new pupils wishing to start Driving Lessons Bath or Driving Lessons Keynsham, we first ask that you fill in this form. This really helps us prepare your first driving lesson.

Once this is done you can manage your driving lessons Bath or Keynsham via a confirmation email, or through this site. Change add or cancel lessons, can be done from your mobile, or perhaps from the comfort of your own home. 

Perfect for managing your driving lessons Bath or Driving Lessons Keynsham.

Latest update on availability for Driving lessons.

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