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Recent Passes

All Driving Tests Passes since April 2007

1st time Passes with me 184 from 265 Pupils

1st Time Pass Rate 70%

Tests Passes

265      23/09/19      Ellie                          1st Time      Brislington      4 Faults

264      17/09/19      Chloe                       2nd Time     Brislington      4 Faults

263      22/08/19      Tom                         1st Time      Brislington      3 Faults

262      25/07/19      Rachel                     1st Time      Brislington      4 Faults 

261      12/07/19      Maisie                     1st time       Brislington      3 Faults

260      10/07/19      Maya                       5th time       Brislington      2 Faults (9 Faults over the 5 tests)

259      08/07/19      Tillie                        2nd time       Brislington     4 Faults   

258      03/07/19      Ed                            1st time        Brislington      6 Faults

257      01/07/19      Angelo                   1st time        Brislington    10 Faults

256      06/06/19     James                     1st time        Brislington      5 Faults

255      13/05/19     Clarissa                   3rd Time       Brislington     6 Driving Faults

254      09/04/19     Jen                           1st time        Brislington     3 Driving Faults

253      04/04/19      Lex                          1st time        Brislington     4 Driving Faults

252      01/04/19      Oliver                      2nd time       Brislington     2 Driving Faults

251      27/03/19      Alex                         2nd time       Brislington     3 Driving Faults

250      07/03/19      Emily                      1st Time        Brislington     2 Driving Faults

249      04/03/19      Charlie                   1st time         Brislington     3 Driving Faults

248      20/02/19      Bryan                     1st time         Brislington     6 Driving faults

247      23/01/19      Callum                   2nd time        Brislington    4 Driving Faults

246     16/01/19       Lauren                   2nd Time       Brislington  11 Driving Faults

245     18/12/18       Ryan                       1st time         Brislington    2 Driving Faults

244     13/12/18       Antonella             1st time         Brislington    3 Driving Faults

243     10/12/18       Callum                   1st Time       Brislington     3 Driving Faults

242     20/11/18       Lana                       2nd time      Brislington     5 Driving Faults

241     19/11/18       Georgia                 1st time        Brislington    3 Faults

240    12/11/18        Lewis                     1st time        Brislington     8 Faults

239    25/10/18       Oliver                       1st time       Brislington      2 Faults

238    15/10/18        William                   3rd time      Brislington      1 Fault

237    11/10/18       Jack                          1st Time      Brislington      4 faults

236    10/10/18       Lilly                           1st Time      Brislington      6 Faults

235    03/10/18       Grace                       3rd Time      Brislington      1 Fault

234    18/07/18       Kasamira               2nd time       Brislington      4 faults

23325/06/18IzzyPassed 1st timeBrislington4 Faults

23218/06/18ChelseaPassed 1st time Brislington10 Faults

23131/05/18HaowenPassed 1st timeBrislington5 Faults

23003/05/18EmilyPassed 4th TimeBrislington9 Faults

22918/04/18JordanPassed 1st TimeBrislington5 Faults

22812/04/18HarryPassed 1st TimeBrislington8 Faults

22710/04/18NathPassed 2nd TimeBrislington3 Faults

22602/04/18LiamPassed 2nd TimeBrislington3 Faults

22520/03/18JessPassed 2nd TimeBrislington4 Faults

22408/03/18AdamPassd 1st Time Brislington5 Faults

22313/02/18RebeccaPassed !st Time


8 Faults

22203/01/18ClairePassed 1st TimeBrislington1 Fault

22120/10/17DanPassed 1st TimeBrislington3 Faults

22021/09/17TushnaPassed 3rd TimeBrislington8 Faults

21909/08/17MilliePassed 1st TimeBrislington4 Faults

21826/07/17Freyapassed 1st timeBrislington4 Faults

21725/07/17MariaPassed 1st timeBrislington2 Faults

21628/06/17DaisyPassed 1st timeBrislington8 Faults

21527/06/17NicolaPassed 1st TimeBrislington5 Faults

21401/06/17ChloePassed 1st timeBrislington3 Faults

21330/05/17TheresaPassed 2nd TimeBrislington4 Faults

21217/05/17EmilyPassed 2nd timeBrislington1 Fault

21110/05/17ToniPassed 1st timeBrislington8 Faults

21012/04/17CaitlinPassed 1st timeBrislington5 Faults

20911/04/17MariusPassed 1st timeBrislington0 Faults 

20828/03/17RosePassed 1st TimeBrislington3 Faults

20723/03/17KelseyPassed 2nd TimeBrislington3 Faults

20616/02/17LukePassed 1st TimeBrislington5 Faults

20523/01/17ManonPassed 4th TimeBrislington4 Faults

20419/12/16AlbanePassed 2nd TimeBrislington2 Faults

20304/11/16TadeoPassed 1st TimeBrislington3 Faults

20203/11/16KeithPassed 2nd TimeBrislington4 Faults

20102/11/16JezPassed 1st TimeBrislington6 Faults

20031/10/16BellaPassed 1st TimeBrislington6 Faults

19904/10/16JamesPassed 1st TimeBrislington2 Faults

19828/09/16CallumPassed 2nd Time Kingswood2 Faults

19703/08/16NicolaPassed 2nd TimeBrislington1 Fault

19608/07/16KayPassed 1st timeBrislington0 Faults. Brilliant 

19506/07/16AngelaPassed 1st Time Brislington2 faults

19429/06/16LillyPassed 2nd Time Brislington2 faults

19328/06/16IzzyPassed 1st timeBrislington7 faults


Passed 1st time

Brislington10 Faults

19128/04/16SuePassed 3rd Time Brislington6 Faults

19013/04/16TillyPassed 2nd TimeBrislingtonNot driven since Sept. Great work to pass with 6 after brief intensive

18914/03/16EllaPassed 2nd TimeOwn Car

Very unfortunate 1st time with just 1 fault then the Bay Park.

Great work to pass in your own car with 2 faults.

18825/02/16MichaelPassed 1st TimeBrislington1 Fault

18717/02/16AlexPassed 1stTimeBrislington3 Faults

18605/01/16ChadPassed 1st TimeBrislington5 Faults

18523/10/15LyndonPassed 2nd TimeBrislington2 faults

18415/10/15GeorgePassed 2nd Time Brislington9 Faults

18310/09/15JackPassed 1st TimeBrislington4 Faults

18220/08/15GeraldinePassed 1st TimeBrislington12 Faults. Held your nerve in the end. Well Done!!

18119/08/15DanniellePassed 2nd TimeBrislington5 Faults, Ironically drove better on the first test. Still a good pass though. Well done!!

18002/07/15RosemaryPassed 1st TimeBrislington2 Faults

17911/06/15AnastasiaPassed 1st TimeBrislington7 Faults


Passed 1st Time

Brislington2 Faults

17727/01/15BradleyPassed 1st TimeBrislington4 Faults

17620/01/15TamaraPassed 1st TimeBrislington2 Faults

17510/01/15TraceyPassed 1st TimeBrislington1 Fault

17409/01/15ChrisPassed 1st TimeBrislington3 Faults

17321/12/14Caroline Passed 1st timeBrislingtonExtended Test

17209/10/14ConnorPassed 1st TimeBrislington1 Fault

17115/09/14FelicityPassed 1st TimeBrislington11 Faults. In your own car as well.

17011/09/14OrlaPassed 2nd TimeBrislington8 Faults. Came back from Ireland for retake.

16909/09/14UmayaPassed 1st TimeBrislington4 Faults. Came good just in time

16804/09/14KirstyPassed 3rd TimeBrislington4 Faults. Total of 8 Faults over the 3 tests

16711/07/14DylanPassed 2nd TimeBrislington0 Faults. Perfect answer to unlucky first attempt!!

16628/05/14LaurantPassed 3rd TimeBrislington4 Faults. Well done after 2 near misses.

16515/05/14JessPassed 1st Time Brislington2 Faults

16426/03/14ZolaPassed 1st TimeSouthmead7 Faults

16328/01/14AdamPassed 1st timeBrislingtom11 Faults

16223/01/14LukePassed 1st TimeBrislington7 Faults

16111/12/13BenPassed 1st TimeBrislington3 Faults

16005/12/13LauraPassed 2nd TimeBrislington4 Faults

15930/10/13CarlyPassed 1st TimeBrislington4 Faults

15810/10/13StephenPassed 1st TimeBrislington2 Faults. Only 28 hrs, very quick

15720/09/13AlexaPassed 1st TimeBrislington4 Faults

15619/09/13MaureenPasses 1st TimeBrislington14 Faults. Not your best drive but nerves just held. Well done !!

15523/08/13HowardPassed 1st TimeBrislington1 Fault. So close to a perfect drive. Well done !!

15413/08/13DecklandPasses 1st TimeBrislington5 Faults

15304/07/13CarlaPassed 4th TimeBrislington2 Faults. Well done, good pass after so many near misses!!

15210/06/13KierenPassed 1st TimeBrislington5 Faults

15101/04/13NickPassed 1st TimeBrislington5 Faults

15015/04/13AnnaPassed 3rd TimeBrislington7 Faults. 

14906/03/13EvaPassed 3rd TimeBrislington5 Faults. Well done after some near misses.

14818/12/12HanahPassed 1st TimeBrislington5 Faults

14714/11/12AmyPassed 1st TimeBrislington6 Faults

14613/11/12MichaelPassed 1st TimeBrislinton7 Faults

14508/11/12JessePassed 1st TimeBrislington0 Faults. Well Done !!!

14424/09/12JackPassed 1st TimeBrislington5 Faults

14314/08/12EmilyPassed1st TimeBrislington6 Faults.

14213/08/12KerryPassed 2nd TimeBrislington5 Driving Faults. Excellent after disappointment of 1 Driving and one Serious fault from 1st attempt

14110/08/12JamesPassed 2nd TimeBrislingtonBig Zero on Faults

14009/08/12JamiePassed 2nd TimeBrislington7 Driving Faults

13908/08/12StephaniePassed 1st Time Brislington4 Driving Faults.

13826/07/12MathewPassed 1st TimeBrislington3 Driving Faults. 100th First Time Pass Since April 2007.

13724/07/12ThomasPassed 2nd TimeBrislington6 Driving Faults

13610/07/12CharlottePassed 1st TimeBrislington2 Driving Faults. Excellent Drive!!

13528/05/12JessicaPassed 2nd TimeSouthmead7 Driving Faults.

13412/03/12SofiaPassed 3rd TimeBrislington8 Driving Faults. After 2 near misses solid Pass in the end. Well done for not giving up!!

13306/02/12AnthonyPassed 1st TimeBrislington2 Driving Faults

13215/12/12ScottPassed 1st TimeBrislington3 Driving Faults

13106/12/11JackPassed 1st TimeBrislington4 Driving Faults

13028/11/11NeilPassed 1st TimeBrislington2 Driving Faults

12916/11/11StephenPassed 1st TimeBrislington1 Driving Fault

12808/11/11KatePassed 1st TimeBrislington2 Driving Faults

12707/11/11OliviaPassed 1st TimeBrislingtonPassed 1st Time 0 Faults. Perfect!!

12603/11/11PeterPassed 3rd TimeBrislingtonWell Done! Nerves held out this time. 1 Driving Fault

12519/10/11ShantellePassed 1st TimeBrislingtonLife Changing Was so Pleased. Hope things go well with the baby. 6 Driving Faults

12412/10/11BethanyPassed 1st TimeBrislington4 Driving Faults

12310/10/11ElliePassed 1st TimeBrislington3 Driving Faults

12205/10/11LauraPassed 1st TimeBrislington3 Driving Faults.

12119/09/11JohnPassed 1st TimeBrislington0 Driving Faults and 1st Time Pass. Perfect!!

12015/09/11JasminePassed 1st TimeBrislingtonCongratulations. First in your family to pass 1st time!

11925/07/11NessPassed 1st TimeBrislington3 Driving Faults

11828/06/11MichaelPassed 1st TimeBrislington4 Driving Faults

11713/04/11GeorgiaPassed 1st TimeBrislington 5 Driving Faults

11629/03/11ReenaPassed 6th TimeBrislingtonWell done Reena, kept going after so many near misses. 3 minors good pass in the end

11510/03/11RubyPassed 1st TimeBrislington 4 Driving faults

11409/03/11NickPassed 1st TimeBrislington 4 Driving faults

11316/02/11VanessaPassed 2nd TimeBrislington 10 Driving Faults

11215/02/11AisaacaPassed 1st TimeBrislington 4 Driving Faults

11114/12/10HazelPassed 1st TimeBrislingtonCongratz to Hazel 0 Faults

11030/11/10PhilipPassed 1st TimeBrislington

10924/11/10AlexPassed 2nd timeBrislington

10823/11/10BellPassed 1st TimeBrislington

10708/11/10AlicePassed 1st TimeBrislington

10605/11/10LianePassed 4th TimeBrislington

10502/11/10AbigailPassed 1st TimeBrislington

10406/10/10JonathanPassed 1st TimeBrislington

10313/09/10DanielPassed 1st TimeBrislington

10203/09/10RosalindPassed 2nd TimeBrislington

10125/08/10JadePassed 1st TimeBrislington

10024/08/10RickiPassed 3rd TimeBrislington

9906/08/10ToriPassed 1st TimeBrislington

9804/08/10KatePassed 1st TimeBrislington

9717/07/10Joe Passed 1st TimeBrislington 

9608/07/10WilliamPassed 1st TimeBrislington

9524/05/10EmilyPassed 1st TimeBrislington

9412/05/10ThomasPassed 2nd TimeBrislington

9304/05/10DavidPassed 3rd TimeBrislington

9208/03/10JamesPassed 1st TimeBrislington

9102/02/10BeckyPassed 2nd TimeBrislington

9020/01/10AbigailPassed 1st TimeBrislington

8909/11/09NickyPassed 1st TimeBrislington

8806/11/09DarylPassed 1st TimeBrislington

8705/11/09EmmaPassed 1st TimeBrislington

8601/11/09ThomasPassed 1st TimeBrislington

8508/10/09SamPassed 1st TimeBrislington

8406/10/09TonyPassed 3rd TimeBrislington

8322/09/09KatePassed 1st TimeBrislington

8228/08/09AbbyPassed 1st TimeBrislington

8124/08/09LloydPassed 1st TimeBrislington

8019/08/09IvanPassed 1st TimeBrislington

7918/08/09CharliePassed 1st TimeWarmley

7805/08/09SaritaPassed 3rd TimeSouthmead

7727/07/09EmmaPassed 2nd Time.Brislington

7619/06/09CynthiaPassed 1st TimeWarmley

7515/06/09AlicePassed 1st TimeBrislington

7422/05/09JessicaPassed 1st TimeBrislington

7321/05/09ChloePassed 1st TimeBrislington

7213/05/09Wing SinPassed 3rd TimeWarmley

7107/05/09CathyPassed 1st TimeWarmley

7006/04/09LaraPassed 3rd TimeBrislington

6904/03/09MuluPassed 6th TimeWarmley

6827/02/09NedPassed 1st TimeBrislington

6723/02/09MercyPassed 1st TimeWarmley

6616/01/09George NPassed 1st TimeBrislington

6515/01/09George CPassed 3rd TimeBrislington

6417/12/08BeckyPassed 1st TimeBrislington

6304/12/08StephaniePassed 1st TimeBrislington

6220/11/08JeoffriePassed 2nd TimeBrislington

6118/11/08GemmaPassed 1st TimeBrislington

6006/11/08EmilyPassed 1st TimeBrislington

5930/10/08LewisPassed 1st TimeSt George

5823/10/08LauraPassed 1st TimeBrislington

5716/10/08RussellPassed 1st TimeBrislington

5602/10/08StaceyPassed 1st TimeBrislington

5522/09/08AdrianPassed 2nd TimeBrislington

5408/09/08LukePassed 2nd TimeBrislington

5203/08/08AlexPassed 3rd TimeBrislington

5121/08/08BobbyPassed 3rd timeBrislington

5020/08/08ElizabethPassed 1st timeBrislington

4907/08/08EmilyPassed 1st timeBrislington

4810/07/08KatherinePassed 1st TimeBrislington

4703/07/08BretPassed 1st TimeSt George

4625/06/08WesleyPassed 1st TimeBrislington

4523/06/08HannahPassed 1st TimeSt George

4412/06/08LewisPassed 1st TimeBrislington

4327/06/08CarmyPassed 4th TimeSt George

4219/05/09JamesPassed 2nd TimeBrislington

4109/05/08LiamPassed 1st TimeSt George

4023/04/08MartinPassed 3rd TimeSt George

3923/04/08LauraPassed 1st TimeBrislington

3818/04/08GaryPassed 3rd TimeSt George

3717/04/08SaranaPassed 1st TimeBrislington

3607/04/08SamPassed 1st TimeBrislington

3504/04/08AndrewPassed 1st TimeSt George

3404/04/08MartinPassed 3rd TimeBrislington

3301/04/08RachelPassed 3rd TimeBrislington

3226/03/08AlecPassed 3rd TimeSt George

3117/03.08AmourPassed 1st TimeBrislington

3013/03/08LauraPassed 1st TimeBrislington

2905/03.08HannahPassed 1st TimeSt George

2804/03/08MartinPassed 3rd TimeBrislington

2726/02/08VickiPassed 4th TimeBrislington

2619/02/08LeanePassed 3rd TimeSt George

2507/02/08MathewPassed 1st TimeSt George

2418/02/07GilesPassed 1st TimeBrislington

2327/11/07JohnPassed 1st TimeBrislington

2231/10/07DebrahPassed 1st TimeSt George

2116/10/07KerryPassed 1st TimeBrislington

2012/10/07KerryPassed 1st TimeSt George

1911/10/07SabrinaPassed 1st TimeBrislington

1811/10/07GemmaPassed 1st TimeSt George

1723/08/07NathanPassed 1st TimeSt George

1608/08/07LizPassed 1st TimeSt George

1508/08/07EvelynPassed 3rd TimeBrislington

1407/07/07GezimPassed 1st TimeBrislington

1306/08/07KimPassed 1st TimeSt George

1202/08/07JamesPassed 1st TimeSt George

1101/08/07SianPassed 1st TimeSt George

1017/07/07FranPassed 1st TimeBrislington

911/07/07GinaPassed 1st TimeSt George

828/06/07JessicaPassed 2nd TimeBrislington

717/05/07ClairePassed 1st TimeSt George

616/05/07BenPassed 1st Time


501/05/07JamesPassed 3rd TimeBrislington

401/05/07JoannaPassed 1st TimeSt George

327/04/07CraigPassed 1st TimeBrislington

219/04/07AdelePassed 1st TimeSt George

119/04/07ManjolaPassed 1st TimeBrislington